Me Adam Kasmi
Law degree
Admitted to the Bar (2019)

Chemin de la Clergère 23
Case postale 303
1009 Pully

Tél. : 021/711 79 55


Adam Kasmi, Lawer

Adam Kasmi studied at the University of Lausanne and the University of Zurich. In parallelto his studies, he also worked as a lawyer for a non-profit foundation.

From 2016 to 2018, he completed his legal internship with the law firm of Gilles Monnier and Alain Vuithier, both lawyers in Pully. During this time, he pleaded numerous cases in front ofcivil and criminal courts. Mr. Kasmi also worked for a year in a legal protection insurancecompany, where he was able to deepen his practice, particularly in the field of contract law.

Mr. Adam Kasmi was admitted to the Bar in June 2020 and joined the law firm where he didhis internship. Mr. Kasmi works as an collaborator at Gilles Monnier Avocats Sàrl, while alsohandling his own cases independently.

Mr. Kasmi regularly advises and represents clients in criminal law, contract law, insurancelaw, construction law and family law (separation/divorce).

Areas of activity:
  • Droit pénal
  • Droit de la construction et de l’aménagement du territoire
  • Droit de la famille
  • Responsabilité civile et droit des assurances
  • Droit des poursuites et de la faillite
  • Droit du travail
  • Représentation en justice

Membre de:

  • Ordre des avocats du canton de Vaud
  • Fédération suisse des avocats


Français – Allemand

Professionnal experience:
  • Juriste au sein de la Fondation alfaset (2014-2015)
  • Master en droit, avec mention magna cum laude (2016)
  • Stage d’avocat au sein de l’Etude de Me Gilles Monnier et de Me Alain Vuithier (2016-2018)
  • Avocat au sein de la CAP Protection Juridique (2019-2020)
  • Inscription au barreau (2020)
Gilles Monnier Avocats Sàrl
& Alain Vuithier

Chemin de la Clergère 23
Case postale 303
1009 Pully